The Accidental Girls Trip

Sooo…this is what happens when I’m left on my own to navigate online technology…

The other day a band that myself and my two daughters LOVE, (who you’ve probably never heard of) announced that they were, literally, getting the band back together in 2020 and announced their tour dates and locations. I took a screen shot of the announcement and sent it to my daughters (because that much technology I CAN handle). They were as excited as I was and immediately texted back that we HAD to go! And, since I had fortunately secured ‘Cool Mom’ status back when my girls were still teenagers, I agreed we had to do it!

My biggest dilemma is that I’m also a full-time caregiver for my husband. He can mostly feed himself as long as I put the food in front of him, but other than that I’m responsible for everything else he needs, including transitioning him from his bed to his wheelchair and back again. This makes it pretty difficult for me to leave the house any longer than a few hours at a time, but I told my girls that I would get the tickets and figure out the rest later!

I was at work the morning the tickets went on sale. Now I live in Northern California and there were two concert dates we wanted to go to, both of them in Southern California, on consecutive days. So my daughters start texting me the morning that the tickets went on sale to see if I was ordering them, which I was (I had set an alarm on my phone you see). The ISSUE that I discovered when going to order the tickets – and this was the dumbest thing I’d ever seen – is that the tickets for one of the dates were being sold through one online site, and the second concert date was being sold through another, completely different site -?? Why you ask?? No freaking idea! But whatever (Cool Mom remember), so I charge on ahead.

Well, by the time I downloaded one of the apps onto my phone, applied for a password, got the password emailed to me, went back to the site using that password, found the band, found the date, ordered the tickets, paid for the tickets and got my confirmation, about 25 minutes had gone by. The pressure was on and I was beginning to sweat. My daughters were anxious and texting me, asking if I had gotten them, and I said YES! I got the ones for the 23rd, and I was going to download the app for the second damn website, so I could repeat the whole freaking process (still at work btw).

As I was in the middle of downloading the second app my daughter texted me back…”Um, mom the concert on the 23rd is actually in Arizona, not California”. … I froze. WHAT?! I double-checked the tickets I had ordered and she was right. Not only had I just spent $60+ on tickets we couldn’t use, but my Cool Mom cover was now completely blown.

I was getting pretty dejected at that point, being that it had taken so long for the whole process and I was still struggling with the password for the second site. Right then my youngest daughter chimes in “Soooo…are we going to Arizona?”. I told them No, and that I would go back and order the right tickets and figure out later what to do with the Arizona tickets. Before I could type that all out however, my oldest daughter writes “No problem, I just bought tickets for the Arizona one also.”

I love my girls! πŸ™‚

So now, not only do we all get to see one of our favorite bands, I get to go on a unexpected girls trip with my two favorite girls!! We’ve decided to fly from Southern California to Arizona for the first date, then fly back to California for the second one. I’m working on getting my husband’s siblings to come and help care for him while I’m gone. Not sure how we will work everything out, but it will definitely be an adventure!

Now I just have to figure out where on my phone I saved the tickets. 😦

Thank you for reading my little blog πŸ™‚

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