Hello, and welcome to my little blog! My name is Vicki, I’m a mother of 3, a dog-mom of 3, and, very recently, an empty nester! When I turned 51 and my kids had all moved out of the house on their own journeys I had no idea what to do with myself. I spent the first few days feeling sad and lost. I had always grown up under the impression that people in their 50’s had pretty much lived their lives and were supposed to slow down, relax, coast and spend the rest of their time working until they retire.

Now there is nothing wrong with relaxing and taking it easy once you’ve raised your babies, but I just knew that lifestyle wasn’t for me! So instead of asking myself “What do I do now?”, I started asking myself “What do I do first?!”. There are so many things I still want to try, experience and go after, I feel like I’m just getting started!

Come with me as I explore the world ‘after’ an empty nest!

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