Your Thoughts Are Not Facts

Learn how to tell the difference

Photo by Andrew George on Unsplash

Many of us mistake our thoughts for actual facts:

“I’ll never make that much money” (thought).

“I’m fat” (thought).

When we believe those thoughts to be true, we feel locked into our current circumstances: 

“I’ll never make that much money” = “I’ll always be struggling financially”.

“I’m fat” = “I’ll never lose weight”.

But thoughts are not facts. They’re negative thought loops in our brains that we’ve believed for so long that they feel true in our bodies.

My own go-to thought is “I’m not good enough” = “Life will always be like this”.

It’s one of the top 3 lies my brain tells me every day.

The trick is to notice these negative thought loops and question them.

How might that thought not be true?

If you could make more money, how might you do it?

What could you do for yourself to make losing weight easily obtainable?

How might I already be good enough? How am I even defining “good enough”?

Recognize the difference between a thought and a fact.

Question the thought, is it serving you?

If not, change it.

You can learn to manage your thoughts.

Discover What’s Possible.

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